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Gait Analysis

The Gait Laboratory of the Clinic for Neurology Hirslanden

Bipedal walking (“upright walking on two legs”) is the most natural, but also one of the most complex movements of human beings. This ability developed in our ancestors about 2 million years ago and made further specific human skills possible, such as the free use of hands while walking. Gait disorders can therefore have a very large negative impact on the ability to cope with everyday tasks.

Our gait laboratory is an independent diagnostic facility located at our clinic at the Medical Center Hirslanden, Seefeld. Here we offer all of our patients a comprehensive gait and balance examination. This is important to identify the cause of gait disorders and to make appropriate treatment decisions. In addition, a gait examination can sometimes lead to improved diagnosis of diseases that are not usually associated with walking. For example, gait examinations may help in diagnosing dementia. Finally, regular and accurate gait examinations are important for therapy decisions for various chronic neurological conditions, especially for neurodegenerative diseases (dementia, Parkinson’s, ataxia) or for polyneuropathy. This allows us to then develop an optimal treatment plan in collaboration with physiotherapists.

What to expect at our gait laboratory:

Our gait laboratory team, led by Ms. MSc. Magdalena Bogucka (specialist in physiotherapy), will welcome you and conduct a series of examinations tailored to your specific situation and health needs. The following specialized systems are used:

  • Walker View – Treadmill-based movement analysis device with automated analytics of the movements of the entire body.
  • Prokin Posturography – Measurement platform for posture and balance reactions in standing and sitting – used for the evaluation of balance and stability. It is also helpful in assessing fall risk.
  • NUSHU gait analysis system – Special shoes equipped with integrated sensors for measuring and evaluating gait and various gait disturbances under different conditions.


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